How Many Barrels Does it Take to Stop a Paintball Player? Just One

source: youtube

When you’re playing paintball, there are very few things you’re focused on more than the opposing team and ensuring you don’t get taken out by the opposition. Of course, when you’re racing around the field, your best bet is probably to keep an eye on the entire field, too, including the obstacles set around for cover. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what one player failed to do. Instead, he took a barrel to the face.

The player in question – Elliot – was playing paintball for the first time. The whistle went off and the entire group went sprinting for cover, but Elliot went a little too enthusiastically. He slid into cover on his knees and slammed head first into a stack of metal barrels in the center of the field. His face, of course, slammed rather hard into the interior of his face mask.

A paintball mask tends to be a little flimsy, only offering just enough protection to cover your face from a direct strike from a paintball gun. The glass plate, however, is rather strong, protecting your eyes from any damage. Elliot took the full hit to the face, and blood is shown on the inside of his mask before he is whisked off the field.

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