How Anti-Vaxxers Sound To Normal People

source: youtube

There is a huge ongoing debate between people who are against vaccinations and those who support them. In this hilarious video from Girl Pants Productions, you can see why normal people just don’t get anti-vaxxers. Those against vaccinations, anti-vaxxers, use reasoning that mystifies the rest of us. They make connections where there is none and claim authority they simply don’t have. How can anyone really think like they do? This video applies anti-vaxxer logic to non-vaccine related issues to illustrate just how crazy anti-vaxxers are. If people used anti-vaxxer logic in these other situations, the world would be a much more chaotic place.

  • This made me laugh so hard this morning that my baby started to kick the crap out of me! (Vaccination Video)
  • A video uploaded a few days ago that reflects how people who are against vaccines supposedly sound like
  • How Anti-Vaxxers Sound to Normal People
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