Honest Trailers Tackles Jupiter Ascending

source: youtube

Do you remember how tremendous The Matrix was? A movie that was so unique, exciting, original and action packed given to you by the incredible talent and groundbreaking minds of the Wachowski brothers. Unfortunately, the quality of their films hit a steady downward spiral and seem to have landed at rock bottom with the horrifyingly bad sci-fi flick Jupiter Ascending.

The film stars favorites like Sean Bean, Channing Tatum, recent Oscar-winner Eddie Redmayne, and the title-role player Mila Kunis. With all of the glitz and power of the film’s special effects, you’d think the movie might be tolerable to sit through – but the only thing that can really get you through it is a sense of humor. No one seems to realize this better than the scheming comedy geniuses at Screen Junkies. As to not spoil the fun, let’s just say this: if you love a good laugh, you must watch this honest trailer.

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