Halo 5 Minigame - Moby Dick

source: imgur

Full video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ec3bCXX07e8 This is Moby Dick by CaptainDireWolf. The map’s real name is Moby D since using the word “dick” in a map title is a big no no for 343. What happens is that the Alpha infected drives the giant whale around the map swallowing up all of the humans. The humans have to survive in their row boats avoiding the whale at all costs. If the whale swallows you then you become infected and turn into a shark which can flip over the human’s row boats and make it easier for the whale to get them. There are 4 rounds which are each 2 minutes long, the round ends if the whales swallows everyone or if time runs out.

  • White Whale, Holy Halo (Halo 5)
  • Halo 5 Minigame - Moby Dick