Guy Performs Brutal WWE Moves On A Girl

source: youtube

The video starts off pretty simple – a guy shares that a girl will be coming over to his house. What could go wrong? Well, apparently she doesn’t like the color blue and the guy wears a blue T-shirt, thus the inevitable happens – a WWE-styled battle! Pretty one-sided and much like any WWE match, the battle is completely choreographed with the dude performing a bunch of finishing moves on the girl.

What’s interesting about the video is that the ring is replaced by a pool, making the finishing WWE moves much more enjoyable to watch. Furthermore, the editing is quite well done with commentary from official WWE matches put just in the right place to make your inner child burst from joy and excitement. Of course, he compulsory “Do Not Try This At Home” statement is put by the video creator. However, with its now viral status, it’ll be interesting to see whether or not copycats start to show up on other social networks.

Oh, and did we mention – there is a special move at the end of the video, which makes the already great video much more epic!

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