Gotta go fast

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Michael Guerra

  • i must go, i'm in a bit of a hurry to reach the finish line, (+ my people need me)
  • this really illustrates the huge influence of aerodynamics
  • How I feel when my rng finally picks up (round 2)
  • mfw "New aerodynamic parts have been installed"
  • "Gotta go faster." "Gotta capture that."
  • When Superman gets bored of pedalling
  • Not sure who I'm more impressed with
  • The difference aerodynamics makes
  • You are who you choose to be
  • [Machine] Streamlining ()
  • Via r/funny Gotta go fast
  • 姫さまの腹筋って見事に縦横に割れてそうだよね
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  • Cycling in the 90's
  • Reaching Warp 10
  • The danger zone!
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  • Balls of Steel
  • It just fits
  • Use the cawk
  • JP