Google's "Year in Search 2016" is the best year rewind I've seen yet

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  • Google's "Year in Search 2016" is the best year rewind I've seen yet
  • Cucked Google releases "moments of 2016" propaganda video with leftist agenda but leaves out Trump's victory. Instead they just include clip of Trump shaking hands with Obama. Fuck Google
  • The CRS-8 booster made a brief appearance in Google's 2016 "Year In Search"! I thought that was a pretty cool nod to SpaceX
  • Centipedes, can we make sure this piece of shit Google propaganda gets the proper treatment
  • Lin's "Love is Love" Speech Referenced in Google's Year In Search 2016 [skip to 1:35]
  • Watch this trash Google commercial featuring all kinds of cucks and lame ducks
  • SpaceX landing (only) space thing mentioned during this year "Year in search"
  • Bernie appears in Google Year in Search 2016 with the little bird ( 0:46 )
  • Ilir Latifi and Sean O'Connell made it into Google's year in search 2016
  • [Delirio] Ni Una Menos aparece el [current year] in search de Google
  • For anybody who missed last nights Google propaganda commerical
  • Leicester City featured in Google's Year in Search 2016 - 1:40
  • A summary of 2016, by Google. Watch and discern for yourselves
  • "Ni una menos" en Google Year in Search 2016 (segundo 0:54)
  • Lin Manuel Miranda helps close out Google's Year in Search
  • Google's a Year in Search Video is Incredibly Powerful
  • Love is out there - Google - Year In Search 2016
  • Google - Year in Search (feat. Colbert)
  • [video] Google's 2016 year in search
  • [Video] Google - Year In Search 2016
  • Googleが一年を総括「Year In Search 2016」
  • Google made the real 2016 rewind
  • Google a year in search 2016
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