Girl walks off stage (super cringe after 2 minutes)

source: youtube

  • Girl tries to do ventriloquism in front of an audience but ends up walking off the stage early. Very uncomfortable to watch
  • "Girl walks off stage." One of the oldest and most popular cringes. I just can't help but feel so bad for her
  • The video of the girl and puppet that Woolie was talking about in Minecraft part 4
  • Pretty old, but I've never cringed at a YouTube video more than this one
  • Girl walks off stage after embarrassing herself in front of her school
  • Girl walks off stage. Listen to the audience groan. >_<
  • Grill Walks Off Stage After Having a Nervous Breakdown
  • Girl performs such a terrible act she leaves the stage
  • Girl tries to do a ventriloquist act, walks off stage
  • Girl walks off stage during ventriloquist comedy act
  • Girl walks off stage (super cringe after 2 minutes)
  • Let's start this sub off with some cringe classics
  • Tyler I can never make it to the end of this
  • Ventriloquist Crashes and Burns
  • Act slowly goes downhill
  • girl walks off stage