Fifteen Types Of Car Singers

source: youtube

Whether it’s going to work or heading off on a road trip, everyone’s guilty of turning the music up and belting our hearts out to the music. The question is how we do it. YouTube comedian and musician Chad Neidt made a video explaining how we jam out in the car. In a hilarious and very accurate video, Chad sorts car singers into fifteen different categories. Among them are the Faker, the Premature Chorus Singer and everyone’s favorite, the Interpretive Dancer.

Maybe you’re more of a Harmonizer; when you’re feeling your best “Dreamgirls” moment, or the Chorus-Only Singer; who actually knows what Ariana Grande is saying beyond “break free”? Whatever you do, be wary of turning on a song that would make you turn into The Eye-Closer. That’s never good for your fellow passengers. The hilarious video shows nobody fits into more than one category, the real question is: what type of car singer are you?

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