Feeding time for the tiggers

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  • Hopefully Les is talking a look at this guy. Catches at the highest point, uses arms to bring into the body, then looks downfield after the reception. Highly polished kid we could use
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  • Feeding time for the tiggers
  • Feeding time for the Tiger
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  • Feeding the Tigers
  • It's feeding time
  • 🔥 Tiger Feeding
  • Dat aerial
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    Ardella Erdman
    > A famous tiger biologist...when asked how high a tiger can jump, responded "As high as it needs to." By the way that article will also tell you that the 800 lb sacks of teeth and claws are at least capable of jumping *over a ten foot basketball hoop.* And it's about the premeditated revenge murder of a hunter and his dozen or so hunting dogs by a tiger. Sleep tight. EDIT Forgot the [link](http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=129551459)