Farm Dog Level: Expert

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    Concepcion Crooks
    I am always amazed at what a border collie can do. I read a great magazine article years ago from a man who went to Scotland to find and research the breed. He ended up at a farm that was known for their border collies. The farmer asked, "Do you want to see one at work bringing the sheep home for the evening?" The guy says sure, and he selects a collie, gives her a command, and she goes running full blast up the mountain/hill outside of his house. Then the farmer says, "Okay, it's cold out, let's go inside for some tea and watch her work." They actually went inside and sat at the window while the collie gathered all the sheep (constantly checking behind to make sure none were left behind), drove them down the mountain and to the farm. Then the farmer put on his jacket, went outside and opened the fence to the barn area to bring the sheep in and said, "Good girl." Job done in 30 minutes with ONE command. I was stunned.