‘Everest’ Trailer Showcases The Mountain In All Its Glory

source: youtube

We have always been capable of greatness as a species. The greatest facet about being human is that when we come face-to-face with a challenge, we can usually gather the intelligence and resources to overcome it. When we see a barrier, we try to break it down, that is our biggest strength and driving force. When we first laid eyes on the mighty Mount Everest, we didn’t just admire it from afar, we tried to scale it and add it into our list of accomplishments.

Reaching the highest point on our planet is a grueling task that can get the best of even the very best humankind has to offer. As the trailer shows us, ‘Everest’ is a true story about a group of climbers who experience the very worst in natural conditions just as soon as they accomplish the impossible task of scaling Mount Everest. The trailer is gripping and does an incredible job of highlighting everything that it takes to overcome the challenge that is Everest.

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