Condom Applying slingshot

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  • Condom Applying slingshot
  • Bill Gates Calls - The Slingshot Channel Answers with the world's first condom applicator slingshot gun!
  • Dear Mr. and Mrs. Gates, Nothing can facinate the male human being as much as guns and sex,,, -Joerg
  • I think this deserves to be in that best inventions list - The Condom Applicator Slingshot Gun
  • Bill Gates Calls - The Slingshot Channel Answers - Condom applicator Slingshot
  • German man demonstrates the very forefront in condom application technology
  • I give you... the condom gun. Now hand over the money, Bill Gates
  • Alemán contesta el reto de bill gates de hacer un mejor condon
  • Slingshot channel makes a condom applicator for Bill Gates
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  • This Man has risen to the Bill Gates challenge
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  • The slingshot condom applicator
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  • Condom application slingshot
  • How to apply a condom
  • La machine à capote
  • ouch
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