Conan looses it as Bill Burr goes in on Oprah

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  • Conan looses it as Bill Burr goes in on Oprah
  • Bill Burr cracks up Conan O'Brien to the point of tears. Hardest I've ever seen Conan laugh, hands down. [starts at 0:28]
  • I recently started watching Bill Burr stand-up. The Conan interviews introduced me to him. Here's my favorite one
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  • Bill Burr's rant on the anti-Lance Armstrong movement brings Conan to a laughing fit
  • Whenever Bill Burr is on Conan, it's one of the greatest things to ever happen
  • Love it when guests make Conan genuinely lose it with laughter (Bill Burr)
  • Probably too late but Bill Bur's opinion on Lance Armstrong is spot on
  • Watch this and tell me @BillBurr isn't one of the funniest fucks alive
  • The best pro-Lance argument ever made. (x post from r/videos
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  • No one makes Conan laugh better than Bill Burr
  • A humorous take on the whole Armstrong thing
  • Sums up the Armstrong controversy perfectly
  • I have ever seen Conan laugh this much
  • Conan loses it with Bill Burr
  • Everyone turn in your yachts
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  • Keep your eyes on Conan
  • why I love Bill Burt
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