Coldplay Makes Game Of Thrones Cast Sing In A Musical

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Have you ever wondered if Jon Snow can sing? Because apparently he has the voice of an angel! As part of NBC’s first Red Nose Day, the actor who plays Jon Snow in the amazingly popular TV show Game Of Thrones showed off his musical skills along with the rest of the Game Of Thrones family. Coldplay’s Chris Martin produced a musical based on the Game Of Thrones story in order to raise money for charity. While the whole musical turned out to indeed be a fake and was just for fun and laughs, the video, narrated by Liam Neeson, is still very much worth watching.

In addition to Jon Snow’s singing, there’s also Game of Throne’s characters Khaleesi (played by the young star Emilia Clarke) throwing down rhymes for “Rastafarian Targaryen,” Ramsay and Theon performing a lovable duet, and Jamie Lannister crooning on a piano over sister-lover Cersei.

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