Chris Pratt Gives Us A Hilarious Acting Lesson From Jurassic World

source: youtube

Chris Pratt appeared on Conan to promote his new movie Jurassic World and while there, he happened to give Conan O’Brien an acting lesson. This is a hilarious video, as he shows us three faces he used while starring in the movie, which seems to be a lot easier than most of us thought it would be.

Conan tries to do a scared face, but it looks he was doing a little too much. Pratt said, “The worst thing you can do is over-act.” He went on to show us his face for fear, love and joy. While there may not be much difference between the three, we definitely don’t mind seeing his face up close and personal!

You have to check out the acting lesson from Chris Pratt, even though Conan doesn’t seem to catch on, his acting skills are pretty funny!

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