Check It - Preview

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  • Louis CK just released this documentary about a gang of gay kids in DC
  • Check It (2017) - A documentary produced by Steve Buscemi and distributed by Louis CK, telling the story of a gang in DC comprised entirely of gay members (3:45)
  • Louis CK is distributing a documentary about "Check It," the gay black street gang here in DC
  • Louis C.K. is distributing ‘Check It’, a documentary on a gay/queer gang in Washington D.C
  • Check It- Documentary of a gay black street gang in DC available on
  • Louis CK's New Documentary about Gay Kids can be Paid for with Bitcoin
  • Louis CK Would Like You To Watch A Documentary About Gay Niggers
  • Check It - Louis C.K.'s documentary about a black gay gang
  • Jesus fucking Christ Louie. Does he owe someone money??
  • Louis doing his part to feminize the black community
  • The Cum Boys predicted Louis C.K.'s new documentary
  • NEW LOUIS C.K. THING: "CHECK IT" (preview)
  • Louis C GAY
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