Boredom Results In Amazing Oreo Trick Shots

source: youtube

YouTube is filled with individuals who take random objects, such as tennis balls, golf balls, crumpled up pieces of paper, and anything else they can find around the house to throw against walls and into make-shift baskets. This individual, however, decided it would be ten times cooler to take a carton of Oreo cookies and numerous glasses of milk to make his own trick shots.

The young man, Peter Bamforth, managed to land the majority of shots he performed. Sometimes he threw them at an angle, sometimes he rolled them, other times he bounced the delectable cookie off multiple surfaces and into the glass. Bamforth only messed up one shot, though it should still count. The cook split in two, as they generally do, and part of it ended up in the glass. The rest, however, ended on the floor. We’ll call that a basket any day.

  • Oreo Trick Shots - Oreos, a glass of milk, and way too much time
  • Who would have though you can do trick shots with Oreo cookies?
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