Bob Barker Makes A Triumphant Return To The Price is Right

source: youtube

With a stunt like this in the record books, you can’t help but wonder if CBS understands the concept of a prank. April Fools saw the return of the infamous Bob Barker to the glitzy stage of The Price is Right, to the sound of cheers and maybe even tears. Despite being in his nineties, the game show veteran hasn’t missed a beat; his jokes and banter manage to make hyped-up contestants smile even brighter. It’s just a good thing that he’s calm enough to keep those standing next to him from hyperventilating.

It’s a shame that Barker ended up passing the reigns back over to Drew Carey, but a short appearance is better than none at all. Seeing him again is just as good as winning a brand new car.

  • Bob Barker returned to The Price is Right today to play an April Fool's joke
  • Bob Barker returns for April Fools Day
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