Bill Burr destroyed Steve Jobs

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  • Bill Burr's rant on Steve Jobs is one of my favorite stand-up bits out there
  • Bill Burr makes a Pearl Jam reference at 3:50 (the comedy was great but having the word Pearl Jam made it awesome)
  • An oldie to remind you why Bill Burr is one of the funniest: Bill Burr destroyed Steve Jobs
  • Bill Burr trashes Steve Jobs reputation as an visionary and innovator
  • "Everything you ever used is somewhere. You even think about that?"
  • I wish Howard could have seen this before Bill Burr was on the show
  • Bill Burr on Jobs, Applies equally as well to Musk
  • Petition to add Bill Burr as approved comedian
  • Bill Burr on Waste (starts at 3:22)
  • Bill Burr's thoughts on Steve Jobs
  • Bill Burr destroys Steve Jobs
  • Bill Burr slams Steve Jobs
  • Bill Burr rips Steve Jobs
  • Bill Burr on Steve Jobs
  • I love Bill Burr
  • Spot on
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