‘Big Tobacco’ Is Set Ablaze On ‘Last Week Tonight With John Oliver’

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After a rollercoaster first season that stirred the pot and received widespread critical acclaim, John Oliver returns for Season Two of the hit series ‘Last Week Tonight with John Oliver‘. Never before has a show utilized the freedom associated with a premium network such as HBO in a more constructive way than the brilliant team at ‘Last week tonight‘.

In their first season itself, they managed to summarize some of the most pressing global issues on a weekly basis in a searing and uncompromising way. The second season promises to be bigger and bolder with several high-profile topics finding their way to the scathing spotlight created by John Oliver. As we see in this hilarious segment, no one seems to be safe this season, not even the likes of ‘Big Tobacco‘.

  • As Tobacco threatens to sue Ireland over our plans to implement plain packaging its worth looking at the tactics they have been using around the world - The very funny Last Week Tonight had a look (#Jeffwecan)
  • Philip Morris has launched their new tobbaco alternative compliant with European Laws (a cigalike). Let's not forget what PMI does around the world: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Tobacco
  • Last Week Tonight - Tobacco I hate how smokers say their addiction doesn't hurt anyone when their money goes straight to companies like these
  • The John Oliver "Last Week Tonight" from last night gives a good taste of what we have to look forward to with TPP. Take it away big tobacco
  • Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Tobacco (HBO) (about tobacco companies will always find "creative" ways to sell their stuff)
  • This John Oliver clip made me quit smoking. Shows the greed of Tobacco companies and how they make money off of people's health
  • John Oliver nails it. If you haven't already seen this clip, give it a watch. Oliver reports on current tobacco policies
  • Buenas, /r/uruguay, estaba mirando el último segmento de John Oliver y me encontré con esto... (perdón si es repost)
  • Last Week Tonight just did a segment on tabacco companies suing governments (inc aust). Interesting watch
  • No wonder we have difficulty curbing smoking. Most cigar brands is actually owned by US based company
  • John Oliver tackles Big Tobacco, showcasing Marlboro's "new" mascot, Jeff the Diseased Lung!
  • Jeffwecan "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Tobacco (HBO)" (from /u/tomatopickle)
  • When vaping alone doesn't seem to be enough, this may be the inspiration you need
  • Incase you had any doubt in your mind at just how bad big tobacco can be
  • Jeff the disease lung in a cowboy hat (John Oliver, Last Week Tonight)
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