Basketball Fan Dances for Player On Live TV, You Would Not Have Expected This Reaction

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One Minnesota Timberwolves fan became famous when he stripped of his clothes and danced in the aisle while showing his support for the team and Kevin Garnett back in 2003. When Garnett was traded back to the team at the NBA trade deadline this season, the superfan made another visit to Target Center.

February 25th was the first night Garnett played in a Timberwolves uniform in Minnesota since being traded to the Boston Celtics in 2007. During a break in the action while hosting the Washington Wizards, the arena panned a camera around wanting fans to show their dance moves. John Sweeney, known as “Jiggly Boy“, was sitting with his family when they showed him on the jumbotron. The crowd roared each time the camera went to him, but he continued to sit while waving to the audience.

Finally, on the third pan to him, Sweeney gave the people what they wanted. To the tune of Usher’s “Yeah!”, he got up and tore of his shirt with a message to Garnett. The basketball player responded with a smile and a salute to “Jiggly Boy“.

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