Base Jumpers Take A Leap Of Faith In Dubai

source: youtube

A “fear of heights” is probably one of the highest-ranked phobias out there — or at least the one tossed out most by the average Joe — but apparently, these guys didn’t get the memo. One after another — and sometimes in groups — the people in this video willingly jump off of the Princess Tower, one of Dubai’s tallest buildings. For the uninitiated, said tower stands more than 1,300 feet tall; that would explain why some of the jumpers pass through clouds on the way down.

The jumpers in question did so as part of an event hosted and organized by Skydive Dubai — in association with Dream Jumpers — in an attempt to break a world record. It sounds like the sort of move that would end lives rather than enrich them, but that didn’t stop droves of eager jumpers from showing up and giving it a shot. By the sound of things, it was a treat for the Dubai residents to see those jumpers; thanks to the power of the internet, anyone can experience the excitement for themselves.

It’s safe to assume, or at least hope, that no one got hurt during the stunt. But that doesn’t stop the mere video from being able to take even the bravest soul’s breath away.

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