Arthur Characters Get Reimagined As Hipsters

source: youtube

Marc Brown is the author behind the Arthur series of children’s books — and that series has not only been around since 1976, but eventually gave rise to a popular animated series on PBS. Naturally, there’s a deep-rooted love and nostalgia for the young aardvark’s adventures; and it looks like someone woke up one day and asked themselves “What if the characters that formed the backbone of entire childhoods got a total makeover, and were shown off regardless of the backlash that could occur?” One video hopes to find that answer.

The new art is convincing enough, at the very least. The characters may not be moving or speaking, but a picture is worth a thousand words — and these give insights to what sort of people Arthur and friends could be in the future, or maybe some parallel hipster universe. It’s not that much of a stretch to see the transformations of Binky and Muffy, since they feed straight into their personalities. Others don’t fare quite as well; if the video showed anything canon, then clearly Buster is in for a rough life.

Whatever the case, longtime Arthur fans are either in for a treat with this video, or will find themselves horrified at what the internet has produced.

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