Arrogant boy with 3 girls on his bike

source: imgur

  • Can someone shoop Obama's face as the kid on the bike, Hillary Clinton, as one of the girls, Elizabeth Warren as another girl, and Bill Clinton as another girl? Also, post a reflection of Donald Trump in the car's rear view mirror. I feel this gif is ...
  • I Shall Remove My Hand From The Bike Handle And Instead Use It To Give You The Finger
  • X-post from r/gifs. Thought r/motorcycles would get a kick out of this
  • That's simply too many people on that bike
  • Arrogant boy with 3 girls on his bike
  • Totally going so fast
  • Maybe Maybe Maybe
  • トリプルなんとかサンドイッチ
  • Me irl
  • ...
    Rickey Bednar
    I'm pretty sure this what pops up into Mom's head when her son says he wants a motorcycle.