‘Armageddon’ Is As Good For Laughs As It Is For Thrills

source: youtube

It is a universal truth that the filmography of Michael Bay is no truly great thing. The director is notorious for always opting for style over substance – the hugely successful Transformers movies prove this in spades. But Bay has been making movies quite some time now, and his beginnings as an artistic charlatan can be traced all the way back to his earliest films like Bad Boys, The Rock, and of course the asteroid apocalypse film Armageddon.

If you haven’t had the pleasure, the film’s plot is very basic: a giant asteroid is headed toward Earth and the only way to stop it is to hire a team of oil drillers to land on said asteroid, drill a hole, and drop a nuke down it to blow it in half. As absolutely serious as it sounds, YouTube comedy channel Screen Junkies have yet again blown gaping comedic holes into this cinematic masterpiece. Its amazing to see just how good and bad a movie can be at the exact same time, and Honest Trailers is more than happy to point it out.

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