Ariana Grande Stars In ‘Ew!’ With Jimmy Fallon

source: youtube

Ariana Grande is the latest celebrity to star in the hilarious Ew! segment with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. Ariana played Alexa Armstrong, the friend of Jimmy Fallon’s character, Sara. Throughout the Ew! comedy sketch, Alexa stated that she was literally dying after she only received three likes on a photo she posted on Instagram. Sara replied with her catchphrase, ‘Ew!‘ and told Alexa that that three likes is not a lot to get on Instagram.

Alexa proceeds to tell Sara that one of the three likes that she received on her picture were from her dad. They both replied in unison with ‘Ew!‘. In order to make up for the small amount of likes, the two best friends decided to take a best friend selfie, to gain a lot of Instagram likes. Afterwards, the two best friends participated in an ‘Ew!‘ speed round and it was entirely too funny as Ariana Grande broke character and started laughing through the rest of the segment.

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