Antarctica Condition 1 Weather

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  • Condition 1 weather in Antarctica
  • TIL what Condition 1 weather in Antarctica means; and that research stations have rooms similar to airlocks. x-post from /r/videos
  • What it felt like walking out into the street today from a George Street building in the Brisbane CBD
  • No matter how cold you think you are, there's always this place to make you feel warm. (1:03)
  • This is what I imagine opening a door on Hoth would be like. Condition 1 weather, Antarctica
  • Canada in February is no longer feeling quite so bad- Condition 1 weather in Antarctica
  • Being native to Florida forever this is how i see going outside on a cold day
  • Penguins must be tougher than they look to survive these weather conditions
  • Condition 1. Weather, not financial conditions. Might as well be the same
  • I'll see your frozen door lock and raise you....Condition 1, Antarctica!
  • Whenever i want to gripe about winter weather, this makes me feel better
  • I don't know about you, but this just makes me want to go to Antarctica
  • I see your arctic storm +kitty and raise you category 1 ANTarctic storm
  • Stop complaining about frozen doors; Antarctic research station tour
  • Condition 1 weather in Antarctica is like being on another planet
  • Traveling outside is not permitted during Condition 1 weather
  • Weather in Antarctica in Condition 1.....It's a wee bit windy
  • What it's like getting out of the shower every morning
  • The Long Dark IRL - Condition 1 weather in Antartica
  • A condition 1 snowstorm in Antartica is no joke!
  • No, This is Cold...! Cold like I cant imagine
  • This is what a storm in Antarctica looks like
  • Condition 1 weather in Antartica..... WTF?!?!
  • Condition 1 - Antarctica -100°F/ -60°C
  • Condition 1 storm in Antarctica
  • My eyes after rohto arctic
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