Angry Zimbabwe Elephant Attacks People At Dinner Table

source: youtube

A shocking video shows two men being attacked by an elephant while out on safari in Zimbabwe. Stephen Montague and his family set up to eat dinner as the elephant slowly approached the group. The people were advised to stay as still as possible. At first, it doesn’t look like the elephant was going to attack. The animal sits back and eats as Montague and his brother-in-law, Shane Wolf, look over their shoulder at the animal.

There’s some controversy involved in what appeared in front of the elephant. One of the family members told a newspaper that a guard they were traveling with threw a piece of food to the elephant to deter it from the table. However, the video uploader mentions that a pod fell from the tree. Either way, it didn’t work, and the elephant heads over to the table and attacks Montague and Wolf. No serious injuries were sustained and the family continued on their safari after the incident.

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