Amazing Video Of 6,000 Matches Ignited In Slow Motion

source: youtube

When a match ignites, it fascinates and peaks the curiosity of children, making them relatively unsafe to have around the house. For this reason, keeping matches away and out of the reach of kids is something that parents continue to do to ensure there are no accidental fires. Nevertheless, there are certain instances when grownups let their curiosity get the best of them and begin to play with matches. In some cases, the flames that ignite seem to mesmerize them.

It appears as if lighting matches definitely peaked the curiosity of the Slow Mo Guys. The two gentlemen gathered over 6,000 matches, cut the heads off and put them into a pile, to put on a demonstration of the power of the flames. Once the match heads were gathered, they ignited the match ‘bomb’ in slow motion. Then the two recorded it and uploaded the film to show the effects of the flames. It is definitely safe to say, that this should not be tried at home.

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