Amazing Japanese Precision (posted by Sanitaryum | Clean Humor) (skip to 86s)

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  • The Japanese even walk better
  • Extreme Japanese Precision! AMAZING (+ Bloke on the intercom Really wants to get a hold of Smith)
  • Watch "Amazing Japanese Precision (posted by Sanitaryum | Clean Humor)" on YouTube
  • This is the most amazing thing I've seen a group of people do
  • -So what did you do this summer? -Oh, I went to walking camp!
  • Amazing Japanese Precision - get really good around 1:45
  • Japanese guys marching. I could watch this for hours. -
  • Japanese precision like the gears of a watch
  • Japanese Students Precision Marching
  • Oh Japan... Why do you walk so good?
  • Amazing Japanese Precision - YouTube
  • Amazing Japanese precision marching!
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  • Amazingly Precise Japanese Walking
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  • Only in Japan
  • That walking
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