A gorilla's gentle reminder that he could easily kill you

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  • A gorilla's reminder of how easily it could kill you
  • Gorilla gently threatens man by dragging him away
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    Yvette Robel
    From everything I've read, Harambe was a gentle lover, and perhaps even a little submissive, when in the privacy of the gorilla-fuck-lair.
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    Bill Runolfsson
    They killed a gentle gorilla because of a kid who was in no real danger the whole time. They should have tranquilized him if they were that worried.
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    Victor Keeling
    You just have to be patient until the next assault on a gorilla, then Harambes gentle face will resurface as the voice of reason and put a stop to the needless killing of the worlds gorillas. The memes you have now will be priceless then. Vintage Harambe.
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    Dovie Parker
    Fantastic how the hug from an actual gorilla is so sweet and gentle, and then Reinhardt comes in and GLORIFIES SHIT!
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    Dock Bartell
    People think of gorillas as gentle giants, and he didn't maul the kid (although he was roughed up). People think the gorilla didn't need to die, but they're more understanding about shooting a deadly lion that fucked a guy up.
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    Cletus Lind
    If you consider how many gorillas are killed because of humans, and then look at how many gorillas kill humans, then you'll see that a gentle giant like Harambe should never have been hurt. It was Harambe who was in danger that day.
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    Kenny Runolfsdottir
    >treated the kid as it would it's own young Thats the problem. Gorillas aren't gentle with their young because they can handle things humans cant; such as being dragged by the foot after falling and hurting their leg.
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    Virginie Stiedemann
    Yea let's make sure we send out a memo to gorillas to let them know that when they encounter a human to please be gentle. The gorilla was dragging the kid into a corner to protect him from the people screaming.
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    Brennan Doyle
    Probably for telling the Harambe crazies that I would like to see them all ripped apart by a 450 pound gorilla. If gorillas are such gentle giants, why not have one at your kid's next birthday party?
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    Ethel Harber
    But but he was just cleaning him like they do to their kids dnt shoot gentle giant cuddly mountain gorilla pls
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    Raheem Miller
    I'll gave you know Gorillas are a smart and gentle species. Now baboons.. Fuck those guys.
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    Noel Stehr
    Gorillas are not like chimps or monkeys though. Gorillas are more gentle so most likely, the gorilla would of left the child alone. That makes the death of the Gorilla more infuriating for me.
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    Salma Koss
    I mean chimps are assholes, but gorillas, in general, are gentle enough. Don't want to agitate them, but that's true of any animal. Besides, if all apes went extinct, we'd be gone too.
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    Keven Simonis
    Why would you shoot such a gentle kind caring gorilla, he just wanted to play slip n slide.
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    Carli Emmerich
    All animals maintain the capacity to 'lose it'. Gorillas can be both eternally gentle, or extremely aggressive. It is dependant on the individual and it's environment.
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    Cecile Olson
    The look on that guy's face indicates that he's received the message.
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    Willow Lindgren
    No gorilla has ever spouted the bullshit of Ken Ham. From what I've seen/read of gorillas, they are gentle creatures who display empathy and love, unlike that Ham.
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    Deanna Gibson
    Gorilla Shaman is a GENTLE GIANT who would never hurt those artifacts
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    Letha Schuppe
    I think that you should bear in mind that Gorillas aren't as gentle with smaller animals like Frogs and Doggos. Thank god that he didn't do anything to you yet.
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    Kaleb Paucek
    Ah poor Harry, he was a glorious creature and definitely a gentle giant. I seen him on more than one occasion even playing with some of the infant gorillas.
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    Georgette Ryan
    Raging Gorilla is a GENTLE GIANT, it would never have hurt that soldier.
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    Angie Crist
    Using gorillas in warfare should be forbidden in every religion. Those gentle giants of the Congo shouldn't be dragged into the conflicts of man.
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    Haskell Moore
    Rest in peace zyzz you gentle soul, flying up with harambe now with all the girls and girl gorillas mirin'
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    Edythe Harber
    That looks gentle for a Gorilla to me. He could have crushed that kids bones into dust if he wanted.
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    Alvah Sauer
    Yea fuck gorillas. So gentle but will fuck your shit right up
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    Lempi Ruecker
    ...And gorillas are the *gentle giants* of the Ape world.
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    Providenci Anderson
    Gorillas are known for their gentle grace with legos.
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    Cassidy Marks
    To be fair I'm sure that's gentle in the gorillas mind
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    Audreanne Moen
    Male gorillas are not gentle at all.
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    Deja Russel
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    Lola Erdman
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    Natalia Doyle
    Uh. Watch the video. The gorilla was being very gentle. This wasn't a hostage situation.
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    Zoila Kulas
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    Name Gaylord
    Gorilla's gentle reminder that they can and will crush every part of your body with their bare hands and/or devour you if you fuck with them.
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    Carissa Hilll
    [Gorilla's gentle reminder.](http://gifou.com/sites/default/files/gif/20140903raccoon.gif)
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    Shyann Bartoletti
    Do not insult this gentle animal. The Dallas cop killer is far far worse than this gorilla.
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    Jaunita Collins
    (A gorilla's gentle reminder that he could easily kill you.) [http://i.imgur.com/x05uPhi.gifv]
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    Katelynn Funk
    The gorilla seemed gentle as hell but they couldn't take the risk I guess 💥🔫
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    Antonetta Schuster
    Look how gentle the gorilla is being. :(
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    Helmer Hermann
    Gorilla gorilla Large size Unpretentious Fun loving Adventurous Gentle Lazy
  • how do gorillas kill