A couple of friends of mine are currently on holiday in America. This is their first day

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    Cecil Effertz
    Sucks this gif is so choppy. You can't see her rack jiggle like in the smooth one.
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    Sam Schumm
    Imgur mirror: [W-what was that, mayor? (FULLVIEW, PLEASE) by SarahQuill](http://i.imgur.com/QqSGD5S.gif) Artist profile: [sarahquill](http://www.furaffinity.net/user/sarahquill/) Tags: [ acnl animal crossing new leaf bear chubby gif sfw paula boobs jiggle physics cute animated embarrassed fat nintendo emofuri busty ] --- ***I am a bot!*** -- V0.30 *"Chamonix"* -- **Feedback:** [@BotsCantDraw](https://twitter.com/BotsCantDraw) -- [blacklist/questions](http://reddit.com/r/furaffinitybot/) -- [source & bugs](https://bitbucket.org/fa_mirror/furaffinity-mirror-bot)
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    Mikel Kunde
    Should've left out the last shot of the chin jiggle in that gif is brilliant.
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    Giovanna Gutmann
    Wasnt there a GIF earlier that had plate armour jiggle physics?
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    Carter Bernhard
    Any chance of seeing a jiggle gif?
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    Heather Littel
    I never actually knew/noticed that roadhog had traditional jiggle physics. That's hilarious.
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    Laurence Ziemann
    Actually, one of Roadhog's golden skins has jiggle physics for his tiddies.
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    Sarina Nitzsche
    That gif really doesnt do the jiggle justice. The fps is to low
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    Wilma Luettgen
    Correct, any hook that freaks and doesnt pull the hero to the normal location means roadhogs left click does severely less damage if they can even find the hero in the split second that they are stunned. As someone who has roadhog as his most played, I'd argue that roadhog gets fucked more with broken physics than it benefits him. I'd rather not pull someone through a wall occasionally if it means that hero's didnt jiggle for 2 seconds as the hook cant pull them because they are standing on a step.
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    Sincere Hessel
    that little jiggle effect makes this gif, well done
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    Chance Heidenreich
    Can someone make a gif of that Nixon jiggle please?
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    Rebeka Zemlak
    I request an ass Jiggle gif in slow mo.
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    Coleman Cruickshank
    How about a titty drop/jiggle gif?
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    Jessie Stoltenberg
    a gif with some boob jiggle or a booty grab please!!
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    Paige Heller
    I'm sad you didn't get the belly jiggle in the gif.
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    Lilyan Raynor
    can som1 make a gif of the jiggle part?
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    Edgar Mayer
    The detailing of the chin jiggle in that gif is brilliant.
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    Linda Schaefer
    Give it a good smack on gif. I bet the jiggle is amazing!
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    Josefina Little
    Missing the jiggle that's present in the gif.
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    Tressa Murazik
    Now do a short gif making them sway and jiggle
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    Maida Murphy
    Explanation ----- An LED, or a [light emitting diode](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Light-emitting_diode), is based on the emission of light by a semiconductor. Of course, there are many semiconducting materials out there and what determines the color of the light they emit is something called their bandgap. The bandgap is the energy difference between the highest occupied set of electronic levels (the valence band) and the next set of levels up (called the conduction band). The way an LED works is that you use electricity to kick up an electron from the valence band to the conduction band. As the electron then relaxes back down, it will release (some) energy as light. The wavelength of the light will then depend on the bandgap, [as shown here](http://i.imgur.com/DZguCtp.jpg). The key rule is that [larger bandgaps equal bluer light and smaller bandgaps give you redder light.](http://i.imgur.com/FPm05Mo.jpg) Now the way temperature comes into play is that it affects the spacing between the atoms, and by extension the bandgap. A simple explanation is that higher temperatures cause atoms to jiggle more, which causes them to be further apart from each other. It is for this reason that crystals generally expand when it's hot and contract when it's cold. Now in most cases when you bring atoms closer together the bandgap also increases. This effect has to do with the stronger interaction between the electrons in this tighter mesh of atoms. As a result, the color of the light emitted shifts towards the blue end of the spectrum. You can nicely see that effect in this GIF. As the LED cools and the bandgap increases, the light goes from orange-red to yellow, and finally to green. Source for the GIF: [this video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcG7ZkV12Sw)
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    Sedrick Lindgren
    [Big fan](http://i.imgur.com/q7xbPDU.gif) of [her tits](http://i.imgur.com/9Tf7BHu.gif), but [her ass](http://i.imgur.com/PeCvptY.gifv) is slowly becoming a 2nd fav. I [love it](http://i.imgur.com/SW5sP45.gifv) when she shows off that [jiggle](http://i.imgur.com/TiqIciX.gifv).
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    Elwyn Ullrich
    Is there a jiggle gif I need to dig for? Or do you still need to make it?
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    Eleazar Ward
    Sure, not a lot of jiggle... Still a gif that brought a smile to my face. Well done.
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    Harley Dooley
    Jiggle physics better than SFV. Roadhog is the true waifu
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    Margie Labadie
    Amazing tits, maybe a gif would confirm for everyone that they jiggle :)
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    Robb Conn
    Can someone more talented than me make a gif of the ass jiggle at 0:33? Thanks
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    Nicolas Hoppe
    Slowed down so much I could watch her ass jiggle. Perfect gif. Thamks
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    Elliott Stoltenberg
    Can't see the jiggle finish. I wish the gif was like 2 seconds longer.
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    Stevie Dicki
    The jiggle on that last gif, almost nutted my pants. Very nice.
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    Nina Dibbert
    Overwatch already has breast jiggle physics, it's just only for Roadhog. This is by design. I say, to increase diversity, they expand this decision to include Winston.
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    Shawn Abernathy
    That's a really neat site. I've used it to focus on 2 of the 4 frames, and made [this gif](http://i.imgur.com/nvSrXwy.gif). It does loose much of its effect, but there is still some (subjective) "jiggle".
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    Gustave Mertz
    I thought it was a gif for a moment. The moon does indeed jiggle
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    Barrett Mann
    Roadhog with that belly jiggle physics. *Swoon*
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    Vivienne Mann
    Edit that ass jiggle into its own damn gif already u nerds
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    Scot Langosh
    You spoil us. Do you think you can do an ass jiggle gif next?
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    Wyatt Tremblay
    That gif makes my brain jiggle with laughter.
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    Noelia Goodwin
    where theres a jiggle there will be a jif(gif)
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    Austin McKenzie
    I'm sure this has been posted a million times, so I'm not going to post it, but I will link it here. Jenna Fischer [boob jiggle](http://i.imgur.com/sjxrzJe.gif)
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    Delilah Conn
    I noticed he was the only one in the hero screen with a jiggle back when I bought in. My friend happened to notice that Twin must be seriously packing cause it looks like he shoved a cantaloupe in his pants. On a totally unrelated not, legit the only character in overwatch with boob physics is roadhog.
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    Lester Flatley
    In a [green shirt](http://i.imgur.com/sjxrzJe.gif). I disappointed in you guys for not posting this Jenna Fischer boob jiggle.
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    Brannon Eichmann
    Nice. Now for the gif version with jiggle. :)
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    Johann Runolfsson
    > Fun fact: Overwatch has breast jiggle physics. > The only character with breast jiggling is Roadhog. this is getting shared. Thank you for that
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    Marquise Mante
    I just checked the jiggle physics and once I found that Roadhog's tits jiggle with the sharkbait skin, I was done.
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    Petra Harvey
    Jiggle em, post the vid/gif for us please.
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    Cassandra Sporer
    You clearly haven't payed enough attention to dat Mei ass if you think Roadhog is the only character with jiggle physics. Girl is THICK.
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    River Gislason
    nice! jiggle gif like this please!
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    Dominique Deckow
    How about the fact that Roadhog is topless and is the only character in game to have boob-jiggle physics? Sexism indeed.
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    Gertrude Considine
    Needs to be a gif with a little jiggle
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    Wellington Dietrich
    Overwatch has breast jiggling physics! The only character in the game whose breasts jiggle is Roadhog.
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    Samir Mohr
    Fun fact: Overwatch has breast jiggle physics. The only character with breast jiggling is Roadhog.
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    Curt Hamill
    Some pls make a gif of just the jiggle
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    Kathryn Gibson
    Next? Make a jiggle GIF.
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    Graham Predovic
    Overwatch has breast jiggle physics, only Roadhog has it.
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    Sabrina Hettinger
    Tittie jiggle gif
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    Viva Metz
    Fun fact: the only hero with jiggle physics is Roadhog.
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    Lia Ankunding
    Roadhog jiggle physics turned up to 11.
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    Gustave Towne
    Jiggle gif
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    Joesph Wisozk
    >Or black pudding. [America invented the Gelatinous Cube, which is way more fun.](http://i.imgur.com/IlM1j.gif) Look at the jiggle!
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    Dudley Rau
    The only problem with Roadhog is that he doesn't have enough jiggle physics in-game e: [like this](http://i.imgur.com/YgDwnfS.gif)
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