70 MPH

source: youtube

  • Raw Run: Zak Maytum - Logboarding like you have never seen before. Fast & Sketchy
  • Longboarder Zak Maytum races down a Colorado highway at speeds of up to 70mph
  • This video is titled "Raw Run: Zak Maytum" and I get queasy watching it
  • This guy has some serious balls! (Looks like so much fun, though!)
  • Zak Maytum, 70MPH downhill longboarding! Specifically 2:15 of 2:45
  • Longboarding at 70mph, in street clothes, down a mountain
  • Man long boarding approximately 70 MPH down an open road
  • Zak Maytum going down a Colorado Mountain road very fast
  • Zak Maytum's 70MPH longboard run in Colorado
  • Raw Run: Zak Maytum Longboarding at 70mph!
  • Longboarder goes 70 mph down Colorado hill
  • Long border going down a highway @ 70MPH
  • Zak Maytum’s Insane 70 MPH Longboard Run
  • Metallica - "The Four Horsemen"
  • 時速110KMで走るロングスケートボード
  • 時速110kmで突っ走るスケートボーダー
  • Definition of Crazy!
  • Zak going IN
  • ...
    Cristian Murray
    He weebles twice. Scary stuff.
  • ...
    Benny Abbott
    This is one of those videos in which I'm glad there are no outtakes.